Adventures at Fishtail (62nd and Lex): Handsome Republican, ex-Goldman Guy/Rock of Ages Cruise by Statue of Liberty

Aaahhh… I am swimming in bliss. I slept four hours. After the cruise which was spectacular–I have never been on the water on the East Coast (I grew up on a boat, sailed all over Southern California and Mexico on my father’s ketch in childhood and adolescence) other than ferry last 4th of July to Port Jefferson from Bridgeport–I came home and planned to blog and smoke indoors (a great luxury in life). But the internet was down. I went to talk to the landlord but found only the boyfriend of the landlord’s daughter. He told me internet down and I don’t have the wifi code.

So, what is a FB and blogging addict to do without the internet in heat fit for man nor beast (and thus no access to wifi at Starbucks 5 blocks away)? Go to a bar! I adore Fishtail by David Burke. The food is out of this world and the decor is beautiful. The bartender is a sweet girl I met in December, Northwestern graduate engaged in January and off to Mexico for an Ashtanga teacher training (vinyasa flow yoga). I met a very interesting man there in March and he is related to Virginia Cherrill, the star of City Lights, one of Chaplin’s greatest films. Dad is not a Chaplin fan but he loves that movie starring the ingenue and cousin once-removed of a finance guy here in the city,

In the toss of my clothing by parents’ housekeeper whom I adore as a kind of mother and caretaker from 5 on, I lost Chaplin’s Girl, a wonderful book by Miranda Seymour, accomplished writer of fiction, nonfiction, literary biography (she has a book about Mary Shelley). Cherrill’s first husband was a wealthy Jewish man from Chicago. Later she married Cary Grant.

So I love Fishtail and love seeing Dana, soon to be married, with the same man for a decade and only 30. I never meet girls that age in SB I want to hang out with and get to know better. All the guys there love her and it’s just a great place, local watering hole for men in their 50s on the (lower) Upper East Side. I will try to post a picture but still haven’t learned how. I thought I might be able to get the wifi code but ended up talking to this extremely good-looking man with salt and pepper hair, blue eyes, and gym-fit body. When they asked me about myself, where I lived and all that and found I lived in New Haven (code for Yale, funny joke in Yale Alumni Magazine about Yale kids’ answers to the “where do you go to school” question, this is one of the choices along with “back East” or “CT”), he said he went to Harvard.

I don’t know how the discussion turned to politics but it did and he feels about Bill Maher the way my best friend in LA, Mark, does, i.e. he would very much like for him to reside somewhere six feet under. So we had about 3 hours of conversation about politics, Tea Party, Bachmann (I truly despise her, even Palin is better, at least she has a sane, classy husband not trying to “cure gays” with this “ex-gay” therapy–I’d support an “ex-asshole” therapy I noted on FB yesterday and even pay slightly higher taxes if someone could devise and implement it on a national basis).

He’s very smart, articulate, witty. I had a ball talking to him and his partner lives in Malibu and married a girl from Pacific Palisades, the daughter I believe of the owner of long gone Barrerra’s. This was the pizza parlor my brother lived when I was little. He really ought to have bought into the joint because he regarded (and may still , for all I know) pizza as one of the 4 food groups. I loved going with my big brother to Barrerra’s with the red and white plastic tablecloths across from Savon Drugs where I’d get candy. I was extremely close with my brother until about age 13, and we only talk now when we run into each other at my parents’ house or see each other at family holidays.

I could not believe that I was sitting with a guy who married the daughter of the pizza gods of the Palisades. He is long since divorced, I take it, and said that he married her for the pizza!

I told the Tea Party Harvard man–he said it was extremely uncomfortable to be a Republican at Harvard and this guy is very hard-hitting, unlike the resident sweetheart FB Harvard conservative and author of Reagan book I still have to write about–I could forgive him for liking Bachmann and for having worked at Goldman, but if he worshipped Rand it would be a bridge too far. Three strikes and you’re out. I was quite relieved to find that while he essentially agrees with her main premises about statism and all that, he finds her to be heavy-handed as a novelist, over-rated at best. I said I could forgive the first two because he was so handsome and he liked that.

When I sat down and started talking to Dana and then the two partners–the Malibu one was affable and sweet and also quite portly–I apparently seemed jubilant and portly partner said I was glowing. And I took a shower after the day out and about, the second of the day, so it wasn’t just sweat glistening on my face which conveyed the bliss he detected. I just am so happy to be here and I got to see Micaela and Sharon on my first full day here. I will see Lori this evening and hang out with her till we eat and go to Gotham Comedy Club. It will be very crowded apparently but I don’t care.

I am so sorry I didn’t have a charged phone and am considering doing one of the cheaper cruises without food and booze again. First of all, I miss being on the water. Second, I would love to take pictures and it turns out Lori hasn’t even been on this cruise or the other cruises which circle Manhattan so maybe we can do it together.

The music was fun: Billy Idol, Rick Springfield, Van Halen, Def Leppard and other 80s legends. The music was too loud for an old person, haha, and the a/c upstairs where people were dancing (obviously not an option for me) was good but not worth having ear drums damaged. I actually didn’t chat that much for me. I sat alone in the back next to two groups to my left and right. Left was a group of early 20s New Jersey couples, very sweet. Right was a big two-generation group of parents and grown children.

Oh! I did meet a guy from Yale. He is class of 2002, so about 30, and he majored in poli sci. He was in Saybrook, just like the woman I’ve grown close to, with two boys 16 and 20. I’m meeting her both Tuesday and Wednesday for lunch with different people each time. He is opening a brewery in the Bronx–see you drop, well, in my day 30K a year and now 50K a year on college and then open a brewery!–and we exchanged information. I gave some tutoring flyers to the girls with the New Jersey boys and explained that if they wanted help with grad applications or even personal statements with resumes, I could do so from LA/SB but was in the city every 3 or so months. (This was nearly 4.5 due to my ankle, but that is unusual.)

I also met a friend of Sharon’s, whose brother or cousin, is FDNY on the Lower West Side. He got my number and promised to text me about a tour of the house and my friend Lori I know would love to go. I wore my FDNY hat (lost the Y cap a few trips ago in the Jetblue bathroom), so we started to talk.

I ate horrible things on the cruise–yummy but horrible for your ass–and am just going across the street to buy my pass for Equinox. Like SCLA, it is an IHRSA club so I can pay on a daily basis. But 25 a day is a lot so I’m doing the monthly–170–and since I plan to go no fewer than 10 times, it’s worth it. I also passed amazing sample sales in the garment district–dresses for 40 , very nice ones, and then cheap stuff also–on 35th street and will try to go there in the morning before my late afternoon /early evening dinner with Richard from the Junto.

There is nothing quite like arising on a Saturday morning in this apartment, with endless stimulation all around you. I want to observe some jazz classes at Luigi and buy the Master Class CDs which I didn’t last time because ATM card broken. It works just fine now and I called the fraud department and said I was in NYC/Cape Cod/CT for 18 days. The debit card seems to be operational so I will get some cash and go buy them tomorrow maybe, when I walk in the park before or after Richard.

The only downside of working out in NYC is that the city or state requires swim caps in the pool. I have lost some hair–about 25% or maybe 30% in the last few years–but still have very thick and long hair so it’s extremely uncomfortable and claustrophobic for me.

More later: Jet Blue playlist and the hooker bust by the Brooklyn DA , reported in the Post the day on Thursday. Hilarious.

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