Victorian Chick is Now on Chictopia: Fun Fashion Blog!

My first true, dear friend on FB from Bethel, CT, is on Chictopia and she posts outfits she loves and talks about them, where they originated, what they mean to her.

Even I was able to set up an account and anyone can do it. I haven’t uploaded pictures from FB but I will get J to explain it to me. He said I just needed to put the URL in but when I looked in the box, I was logged in already to Chictopia so I think that would adversely affect the upload. But Chictopia is now linked to FB so you can find me there.

My friend Wendy from OC said I had many “self pictures” on FB. I suppose this is true. I had no pictures of me from 1990 to 2008, with the exception of one or two graduation pictures in 1995 and one grad school welcome party at the home of a religious studies professor with the guy who gave me the Death Gardens apartment after he defended his prospectus and left for Oxford for a second graduate degree, this time in cultural anthropology. I have mentioned him before as his parents saved my life by letting me crash in his room in Brentwood in the years I did not feel okay going home for weekends and was utterly opposed to lonely, arid, miserable weekends in Santa Barbara.

Now I take pictures all the time, sometimes of my food which prompted the line now famous among my FB friends who love Dad–“Oh my achin’ ass”–but many times I have my boyfriend shoot me. My Pantech Breeze is great but there is no flash and a friend of mine, a friend who delights in pissing off fundamentalist Christians in far-flung parts of the world (Pago Pago, South Pacific) so much so that there were death threats against him and he had to seek FBI intervention and protection, complains that the pictures are always too dark. I think it was the cuckoo pastor, the gun-loving pastor who wanted to burn the Qu’ran. But I could be wrong. I respect Kimball and he’s a dear friend though we’ll never meet as I don’t plan to fly to Pago Pago and he has no desire to return to America. He’s a brilliant man, three degrees from University of Chicago, a polymath as well-versed in Emily Dickinson and Nietzsche as he is in math and economics.

I am ignorant about economics and thus cannot comment about his economics (he has a whole econ blog as well as a sailing blog) but my conservative friends disagree with his conclusions about taxes, deficit reduction, spending and much else.

Kimball regularly expresses displeasure with my dark pictures and I do intend to buy a cheap digital camera before my October foliage NYC trip. But for now, in the daytime at least, the Pantech is fine.

I got a lot of stuff in NYC. I haven’t really shopped in a year, or since November, when I got 4 pieces for 120 at the Neiman Outlet. I was sickened and heartbroken when some clothes were tossed by a woman who works with my parents, has since I was in kindergarten, but the biggest loss was the 50% off Trina Turk 9-button slacks from Archetype Clothing Company in New Haven in the Taft, the apartment I lived from 1993-6, about which I have spoken at length on Victorian Chick.

The Taft is well-known to fans of Gilmore Girls as the residence of Logan Huntzberger, Rory’s gorgeous trust fund baby/journalist boyfriend though that was not the Taft and I very much doubt that the apartment was in New Haven at all. It was a palace and while the Taft used to be the best rental building in New Haven, it was not a palace however nice the lobby and doorman. (I learned on my trip that there is a new place, luxury rentals with pool, rooftop garden and every conceivable amenity for 1750 a month–one bedroom–and 3200 a month for two bedrooms.)

Older people familiar with Yale or New England colleges remember the Taft as the hotel to which Yale boys imported women from Wellesley for sex. The saying was, “Smith to wed, Wellesley to bed.” I take it not every woman at Wellesley in the old days looked like Hillary Clinton or the poor Yale boys would have had wrist problems. I do like Hillary and regularly defend her to my conservative friends, but the woman was not genetically blessed, poor dear. I am hoping for the sake of those privileged and usually hard-working boys of yesteryear that more of the girls looked like Julia Stiles and Maggie Gyllenhall in the 2003 Julia Roberts film set at Wellesley: Mona Lisa Smile.

Odysseus, a handsome Greek man, is the owner at Archetype Clothing Company and he has a keen eye for fashion. I only get things on sale and will post on Chictopia a beautiful clearance Cynthia Steffe conservative wrap dress (a very unusual dark brown) with real leather patches on the shoulders and elbows. The leather accents really make the dress and the sash which hangs down in the front is generously and creatively cut.

When I gained 10 or 12 pounds in April after my fall, I ceased to be able to wear a dress, size 2P, by Plenty. It is the only full-price dress I ever bought there , after I won 200 at slots at Mohegan Sun, my first and last time at a casino. I adore that and need to lose enough weight to get into it. It is a “toga dress” in the most unusual dark brown pattern of rich silk I have ever seen. Odysseus in December 2009 encouraged me to try it and he was right on target as usual.

I don’t love everything there but their clothes are unusual and you can see their list of designers at I also got a gorgeous cream cashmere sweater for 100, half off, with unusual detail on the shoulders and a bunched up turtleneck which will I think be one of my staples for winter weather over jeans with boots.

I still haven’t worn real heels–just the Thierry Rabotin comfort wedges, my one splurge in NYC, originally 350 and down to 190 but when you are injured you simply must take care of yourself–since the accident. I have a pair of 30 dollar clearance Anne Klein iflex black sandals, about 2 inches, and when healed they will be fine. But I wore them one day in the city, to meet Richard Carreno, my editor at Philadelphia Junto and paid the price the next day.

I am looking forward to wearing the 4-inch Nine West ankle boots under jeans again though the 1.5 inch, 4-yr-old Nichols I forgot about and found in closet at my apartment are adequate.

I got two pairs of jeans in the city, average 60% off: blue flared J Brand which I adore but think may have to be taken up another inch as I can only wear them with 3 to 4 inch heels (Rabotin shoes are 3 inches) and a miraculous , weight-reducing pair of Skinny Flare, a thin pure black denim I simply adore!

As I wrote on my profile, I’m not into shoes. I only have about 8 pair and I don’t lust after shoes I also could not care less about purses or as my East Coast friends say, pocketbooks. I have a Le Sac which I got free at a friend’s garage sale. I have a vinyl black wallet, a free gift with makeup, I found in Mom’s closet. I would not carry a huge Prada bag unless you paid me and I would not accept one as a gift unless I could sell it. I cannot for the life of me understsand these big , gaudy purses women carry around these days.

If I had money to spend on bags, unlimited funds, there is only one bag I would carry: old-school Bottega Venetta. That moronic Sex and the City 2 was only good for two things ( I would never have seen it in theater or rented it, but it was on Jetblue during a turbulent and awful flight home last summer from the DR so I just watched out of desperation): 1) the luggage by Bottega Venetta which I think Miranda carries, 2) the confession scene between Charlotte and Miranda over drinks in that ridiculous, ostentatious suite that each when they reveal that they both miss parts of her own life (the job for Miranda, the quiet of a house without screaming infants for Charlotte). I do love old school Coach as well, but not that wannabe Prada shit it puts out now.

I don’t understand the purpose of big purses. I have only two cards, an ATM and credit. I need only lipstick, gloss, powder and perhaps mascara for touch-up. I have glasses and only two keys on my keychain: one to my apartment and one to my boyfriend’s condo. I suppose I should carry a tampon but I just put one in glove compartment and were I more organized, I’d keep some Kleenex in the purse. So what is the purpose of carrying around the equivalent of a small overnight bag? I mean, I guess if you have an Ipad you can stick it in a longish square bag but obviously I have no iPad and no plans ever to buy an Apple product as I am opposed to touch screens of all kinds.

For me, fashion is all about clothes–dresses, pants, blouses, sweaters, jackets, coats for winter–and jewelry. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude to Diamond Nexus Labs and am not ashamed to admit I wear their stuff. It’s not zirconia which unless you have macular degeneration like my father looks fake and cheap when you buy it, and simply goes downhill from there.

DNL is all white gold (they do have small line of Lorian platinum which is an alloy of sterling and platinum) and it is manmade. That is, the diamonds are synthetic, made in a lab, but have all the properties of true diamonds: refraction, clarity, brilliance. They simulate the 4 Cs and I have had literally dozens of people admire the tennis bracelet which instead of 8K or 10K was 1320 when I got it, now 1500. They had a huge increase in a year’s time. The ones which were 1500 were the fancy, black tie or formal tennis bracelets, rather than the everyday ones part of what they call the “Essential Jewelry Wardrobe” (you buy one from each section and get free 1K).

They have a Milleninum collection of rings which are intended to compete with Harry Winston, Cartier and Tiffany and I think many of their wedding rings and bands are quite beautiful. I am a fan of crown settings, however, like Scott Kay which I found in a bridal magazine I bought for fun a year or two ago.

So when you want a break from culture, high or low, check out the Chictopia page or become a “follower.” I do realize that men in particular are visual creatures, so if a pretty dress catches the eye of man on FB with whom I am not friends, it is more likely he will click on the blog if it is linked to a fashion blog or website. I think the same applies to women but obviously for different reasons!

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